Joyful Places for Joyful Times

Who Are We?

Evre architecture and visual communication services is a design office founded by interior architect Merve Üstün and interior architect Emre Üstün in 2015. At first, the company worked mainly with pastry shops, café and bakeries, bakery products and continued its activities in designs which use general spaces such as housing, hotel, market and mosque during this process.

Evre Mimarlık has been run by two siblings since 2015 and realized many space design within the country and abroad. Its design has made a difference to the understanding of space design by combining the quality in design criteria with human emotion and life trends. Our purpose is to create solutions suitable to the expectations of our customers all around the world in terms of projects.

How Do We Start The Project ?

At the first stage of the project we have undertaken, the work starts with creating a brand identity according to the customer’s wishes and needs by determining the consumer profile. At the next stage, together with designers from different disciples and in accordance with brand concept, corporate identity is established by creating a name which belongs to the place, all kinds of package service and textile products including logo, pattern, all printed items and such graphic works and artworks, cloth design.

Place design is established by developing the concept created during the process of brand and corporate identity establishment in architecture, by thinking all visual elements which create the place in the same language. Application Project Services are realized by cooperating with national and international architecture and interior architecture design offices for design in each scale. Within the scope of this service, projects prepared in international standards, prepared in terms of every detail for production are produced with its design-oriented approach.

Outline specifications, quantity lists, material booklets and tender documents are prepared within the scope of these services. Project Management Services are continued starting from preliminary project process and until the end of the productions according to the principles of the investor. The purpose is to create the most efficient product by realizing scope, process, cost and quality management according to the investor’s priorities.

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